5 Ways To Get Your Child Ready For Their First Dentist Visit


Having a child with a clean healthy smile is extremely important! Taking the time to teach your child good oral hygiene is great for their over all health. Developing a positive relationship with a dentist that your child is comfortable with is something to consider. This all starts with the first trip into the dentist’s office.

For some children, this new experience can either be a pleasant one or a scary one. As parents, there are a few things you can do to help your little one have a positive first visit & rid their fears for a good trip to your Sydney dentist.

  1. Be a positive role model.

Children soak up every bit of emotion, feeling, & information from the adults around them. Giving your child the confidence they need is so important before their first visit to the dentist. Make sure you start demonstrating good dental habits showing them how to look after their teeth as far as flossing, brushing, & rinsing with mouth wash. A child who knows they’ve done a good job looking after their teeth is more likely to feel confident at their visit.

2. Start talking about the dentist early.

It’s never too soon to start talking about dental care & what to expect during a visit. Explain to your children that your dentist wants them to keep their teeth healthy & they are only there to help. Try to avoid sharing “scary” details. Even if your child may need services other than cleaning, try not to use words like “pain” or “drill.”

Use positive words to allow the child to know that they are capable of anything, with nothing to be afraid of. Encouraging your child to ask their dentist questions is a great way to interact & communicate to eliminate their fear of the unknown.


3. Practice visiting the dentist.

Play dentist with them to help them understand what will happen when they visit the office. Then practice brushing their teeth, the way the dentist would. Children learn a great deal through play, so it’s the perfect time to teach them while demonstrating what it will be like.

4. Use videos and books.

Younger children might enjoy having a book about dentists to read, whereas older children may benefit from watching videos about visiting the dentist. Both are great tools for helping your kids visualise the entire experience.

5. Provide comfort.

Never dismiss your little one’s fears or make them feel as though they should be tougher. Do what you can to ease their anxieties & offer comfort when they are scared. Consider taking along a comforting item from home, like a stuffed animal or favorite blanket when you visit the dentist. You can even offer to take them for their favorite food or bring them to their favorite place after their visit as a reward!


These steps can make a difference in how your child reacts to their visit to the dentist. Start as soon as you can so that you both can look forward to a positive experience.

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