6 Ways To Wear Bangles



Bangles have become an essential part of fashion that women love to keep in their jewellery collection. Bangles add a feminine touch to any woman’s arm and should be chosen in a way that matches your outfit & your personality.

Gold bangles are personally my favorite but there are so many silver bangles you can choose from to wear with any outfit, with so many different ways to wear them.

Ways to Wear Your Bangles

1. Different types of shapes.

There are plenty of different types of shapes available when it comes to bangles. Oval, round, geometric, octagon, just be sure to pick bangles that do not fall off your wrist. 😉

2. How many bangles to wear?

Used to be that women would wear multiple bangles but wearing just a single chunky bangle has become quite the trend to make a statement. It is common to see a new bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding, the traditional view is that the honeymoon will end when the last bangle breaks.

3. Fit for any occasion.

As for when and where to wear your bangles, there seems to be a time and a place. For example, the type of bangles you may wear as part of an every day outfit would differ from what you would wear formally. I love to wear a few bangles with my everyday outfit & one bangle as a statement piece for a wedding.

4. Mix things up.

One innovative way to wear your bangles is to mix them up with an array of colors, designs & textures. Jewelry is meant to be fun!

5. The colors.

Gold, rose gold, silver, along with multiple colors that will complement perfectly with any outfit.

6. The style.

Choose the right bangles for the right occasion. For instance, if you are going to a formal meeting, a simple one-piece bangle. Your outside at a beach resort, vibrant bangles will bring out the perfect summer outfit. There are many different styles of bangles made from metal, wood, glass or plastic to choose from.



A few things to consider when wearing bangles:

– Stackable bangles seem to be a new trend. You can wear a wide range of designs of bangles like this. For a truly contemporary look, stack up 5 – 10 bangles on your arm.

– If you’d prefer to buy gold plated bangles, pick white gold and rose gold varieties.

– You may prefer to choose pearl bangles or even bracelet bangles that can be incorporated with more elegant designs.

– Many bangles also sport precious gems that work well with a range of different outfits.

Whether you prefer to stack your bangles or wear one chunky piece, a bangle is sure to complete your outfit.





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