How to Best Wear Silver Earrings

youthofthesun_youth_of_the_sun_blog_lifestyleSilver earrings always provide a classic look that suits any occasion. Whether you are going to the shops, going out with friends, work, dressing formally for a wedding, wearing silver earrings always complements any look matching every style!

 Choosing Dangle vs Post Earrings 

Silver earrings come in many styles, shapes, & sizes. There are two main types in a collection of designer silver earrings for women which are dangle & stud: 


  • Dangle earrings hang off the earlobe & provide more length than stud earrings. 
  • Dangle earrings provide more presence when the hair is worn up or when your hair is swept back. 
  • There are various types of dangle earrings such as tendrils, loops, or chains.


  • Stud earrings give off a more simple statement with different types of backs that fasten to the earlobe.
  • Stud earrings are also generally easier to wear because then you don’t have to worry about hair getting caught in any part of the earring.
  • Stud earrings are an easy way to accessorize. Wearing hair swept back or in an updo as well is much easier to see the beautiful classic studs.


Choosing Stones with Silver Earrings 

 For more formal occasions, you may also choose to go beyond a plain silver design to wearing your earrings with a precious stone. Silver is an extremely versatile jewelry as it can go with virtually any color or style of clothing. You may wish to focus on the stone to match your clothes rather than the silver itself. For example, if you are wearing black, then a ruby stone can stand out to coordinate with your outfit well during a night event. For anything you are wearing that is blue, a sapphire stone would correctly complement that color. Also emerald stones help accentuate outfits with the color green. 

My personal favorite is diamond or zirconia. Diamond & zirconia are perfect for a classic look that will match any style!


Choosing other Jewelry Pieces to Wear with Silver Earrings 

Silver has long been the precious metal of choice to wear as jewelry alongside gold & platinum. Anything can be worn with silver earrings & each will give a different effect. Not only does your clothing effect your appearance but other accessories do as well. Silver matches silver! When you are wearing your silver earrings go for a matching silver necklace, bracelet, & even an anklet. I love incorporating new pieces of clean classy jewelry into my style!


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