Camels & Caves



Hola. Camels are THE coolest. I just kept thinking “Emperors New Groove”, even though Kuzco is a llama.

First, we want to say thank you to Hard Rock in Mexico for having us during New Years Eve. We had a blast with the family! Our stay was all inclusive food and drinks which was great. People there would be up all night partying and back in the pool by ten in the morning, still drinking. We were wondering if they are still drunk and kept it going or hungover just sitting by the pool. Probably both. We loved our stay so much, definitely plan on visiting again. Weeks prior we booked an excursion to ride camels on the beach.

Excited, we woke up that morning to our transportation taking us an hour away to the camel’s destination. All of the camels at this location were Dromedary camels which means they have one hump. The tallest one who stayed back at the campsite was nine feet tall! Each camel in this group was about seven feet tall & all from a different country, such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Nick was riding Terra, who came all the way from Morocco while I rode the “princess of the desert”, Mushè. We walked, talked, and laughed, riding along the beach, which was beyond relaxing with a view like this. You could have handed me a book while I was up there 🙂 Not to mention, Mexico’s ocean water is the most beautiful blue color. We rode for a while then stopped for fresh water and got off our camels to go into the shade, or in our case, take more pictures. 😉 Spending personal time with the camels and asking questions about them allowed us to see how smart they truly are. They respond immediately with words and hand gestures, they are intuitive animals. I asked why Nick’s camel had a muzzle on during our ride and turns out it is because Terra tries to wander and graze. My camel Mushè was very mushy and affectionate, she kept wanting a hug from me. Mushè would also stare right into the camera and strike a pose. Feeling the Mexico heat we went back to the campsite and cooled off. We really had a wonderful time and we are  grateful to have had the day with these animals. ♥


The next morning we spontaneously adventured in our rent a car from the hotel, to what ended up being Tulum. We were directed to Dos Ojos where we snorkeled in a bat cave for about thirty minutes which was a bonus to our trip. Here are some photos of our bat cave experience.







Thank you again Hard Rock for having us! Be back soon 🙂

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