Valentines Day


It’s Valentine’s Day! Valentines Day has been my favorite since elementary school. I remember everyone on Valentines Day was so loving and all my classmates would bring in little cards with candies in them and I thought it was magic.

This year on Valentines day first thing in the morning we went for a joy ride to pick up our order of twelve dozen red roses and on the way dunkin donuts caught our eye. (We had to get those hearted Boston Cream donuts.) After donuts we picked up the roses and they were a brilliant boque of vibrant sweet candy pedals and weighed about 60lbs per vase. They were beautiful. When we got back to the house we immediately began our spontaneous photoshoot with my sister Ali. Everyone was out of town and Ali was home with us so we decided to make her day special and get a photoshoot going with pictures she can have forever. Taking pictures is always a pleasure especially on holidays. Having Valentine’s Day photos with your valentine will always be remembered. Thank you Ali for the pix! Much love for you. Xoxo. What a glorious day.