Love this beautiful Island. I am staying in Maui and I absolutely love it here. I get more family vibes on this island then I do on any other, which I am all about. Lately I have been waking up everyday early morning to go for a run and jump in the ocean. Pure bliss! There is something extra magical about Hawaii’s oceans. I love swimming with the turtles in the morning and I do my best to avoid the sharks. I wanted to see the entire island, so I woke up at 4am and planned a road to Hana trip in a rented Jeep with some friends. The road to Hana tours the full front and back of Maui. We swam in ice cold fresh water caves, met amazing people, cliff dove and swam through endless amounts of waterfalls through the bamboo forest. My favorite experience so far was hiking to Haleakala Mountain which is the 2nd largest dormant volcano in the world. As we climbed up the volcano we got the giggles from the elevation. Hana is a beautiful adventure, you have to see it for yourself.