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Love this beautiful Island. We are staying in Maui and are having an aquatic blast! We just wake up every early morning go for a run and jump in the ocean. Pure bliss! There is something so mysterious about the underwater world. The underwater world of wonder is electric, its real and super healing to our souls. Sea turtles are the best! Sharks are a little scary though, so we do our best to avoid them. Anyway we eat burritos everyday, the Surf and Turf from Fred’s restaurant is the best in Kihei, so good! We even got matching tattoos that quote “Soulmates Live Forever.” We ride horses through the mountainous trails above  the valleys of Iao Valley and we even forage for some fruits like yummy passion fruit, avocado, and mango from the trees of life, mmm mmm good!

We wanted to see the entire island, so we woke up at 4am and planned the road to Hana trip with a rented Jeep. The road to Hana tours the full front and back of Maui. We swam in ice cold fresh water caves, met amazing people, cliff dove and swam through endless amounts of waterfalls through the bamboo forest. Our favorite experience so far was hiking to Haleakala Mountain which is the 2nd largest dormant volcano in the world. As we climbed up the treturous volcano we got the giggles from the elevation and our chests approached nausea. We stopped for directions but we thought everyone was acting strangely airy just to figure it was really just because our heads were literally in the clouds. We saw many people biking and WOW! That is a whole other level of exercise! It is intense to see people peddle that fast up a 10,023 ft mountain, we were huffing and puffing just driving to the top of the hill! LOVING this trip so far on the fascinating healing rock.