Christmas & Sarabi’s New Years Puppies

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I had a notion that Sarabi would have eleven puppies. New Years Eve night we had our family visit. They stayed for a while waiting to see if puppies would want to celebrate the new year but the clock striked past their bed time so they went home. Around midnight the first pup popped out and before we knew it we had our New Years puppies.

She is the most natural mother to her babies, we are impressed. Chevy was also amazing to have in the house contributing to Sarabi’s birth. Chevy made the moment humble and comfortable for us. Sarabi wanted Chevy’s company in the room and allowed Chevy to clean the puppies and treat them as her own to keep them warm. It was amazing to see. After a few hours we counted ten pups then fell asleep from exhaustion. We woke up, counting an extra one! We counted 11 angels. Six boys and five girls all in perfect health. Very grateful, thank you.

We are keeping a boy and going to call him either

Superman or King.