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Recently I have been flying back and forth a lot to Hawaii. I have made some forever friends in Maui. I have been staying at the Maui Banyon which is perfect because I have my jeep I rent for however long I am visiting and a scooter to cruise around locally. Maui Banyon is right across the street from the beach which is perfect for waking up and going right on the beach to lay out. I love Hawaii’s vibes, everyone is always outside barbecuing, playing with their dogs in the ocean, snorkeling, surfing, walking, running, biking, hiking, & living. I feel in Hawaii I am laughing, surfing, paddling, hiking, biking & climbing everywhere. Loving just being and enjoying the radiance of this majestic healing rock. Hawaii is full of rainbows, peaceful of its mindless tranquility. I lounge out every evening at sunset until the gorgeous starry night skies scatter its constellations & shooting stars. I am here & now. Forever this island I will consider a second home. Hawaii has taught me to keep living for the moment. Here are photos from my last few trips to Hawaii. I hope you enjoy! ♡