Drove to New Jersey for the Day




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I drove up to New Jersey for the day to surprise Grandma and Grandpa at their 70th surprise birthday party. I wasn’t going to go because of my schedule but I was standing in the shower and was thinking to myself, “Wow you only turn 70 once and I wouldn’t want to miss my grandparents, my favorite people, turning 70.” I hopped in the car with Sarabi after I packed a couple of clothes and snacks & within two hours we were on the road with a pizza. I arrived in 17 hours, went to a family members house freshened up and before I knew it I was at the party surprising them. I originally told them I wasn’t going and they were shocked when they saw me on top of not even knowing they had more friends and family there waiting to see them. I am so glad I drove there for the day.

The surprise party was at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton New Jersey and it was so beautiful there. Couldn’t of asked for a better day to visit. So glad I got to be there. ♥

Happy Birthday to my amazing Grandparents!